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tl;dr: Speed Surfer lets you ride a rocket-powered surfboard at superfast speeds through challenging obstacles. Available on all major mobile VR platforms, in first and third-person VR. Simple game, but designed to be fun and to create a strong sense of presence.

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A simple game, nothing too deep. But designed to be fast and fun. For people who like challenging their reflexes and driving really fast. Deliver pizzas on a rocket-powered surfboard through challenging obstacles!

Surf at extreme speeds, complete 13 challenges across 5 diverse climates, and use the custom game creator for additional challenges and replayability. First-person view mode is available for additional fun.

Supports Motion Controller, Gamepad, as well as Gaze-controlled steering.

Works on Google Daydream, Oculus Go, GearVR, Cardboard, HTC ViveFocus, Pico Goblin and Pico Neo. 72Hz mode available for Oculus Go.

Speed Surfer is under active development, and new game modes and support for additional headsets is underway.



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