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tl;dr: Hi there! cmdr2 makes and sells games for mobile virtual reality headsets!

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About cmdr2

Independent developer focusing on mobile VR games and applications since 2015. Started VR game development with the first Oculus DK1 VR hardware, and later with Daydream, Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus Go, Pico Goblin and HTC ViveFocus headsets.

The mission is to help establish VR as a sustainable consumer industry. The most critical problem VR is facing presently is shortage of decent-quality content for users (to keep them interested in VR), and therefore that is the focus of all work done here. Games showcase VR very well, and are also commercially sustainable.

The latest mobile VR game, Speed Surfer (Daydream | Oculus Go), has been released across a wide range of countries and headsets, with positive reviews from users and press. The first game released in 2015, Trooper 2, was featured by Google in a list of 17 featured Cardboard applications in 2015.

The next two games in development are a fast-paced rollercoaster racing game, and a paper airplane racing game.

Current Games

Speed Surfer (Daydream | Oculus Go) is the latest mobile VR game, designed for superfast racing and reflexes, released on Oculus Go, Daydream, GearVR, Cardboard, Pico, and HTC ViveFocus. It features cartoon-style graphics, with 5 diverse climates and lots of custom-made 3D artwork to create a retro look-and-feel. It is under active development, and new game modes, and support for additional headsets is underway.

Trooper 2, released in 2015, is a fast-paced shooting game, designed originally for Oculus DK1/DK2 hardware, and later released on Google Cardboard, where it was featured by Google in their 2016-2018 list of "Featured Cardboard applications".

Over the years, a number of experiments, prototypes and partnerships resulted in experiences like immersive real-estate walkthroughs, relaxation experiences, tourism marketing, and promotional tools for panorama artists. Some experiments are always cooking as side-projects, since VR is so new and there's still so much to explore.

User and Press Reviews

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